Charbel Bouez is a photographic artist who specializes in visual communication.
Born in Lebanon, his unique style emerges from his professional training in communication art, passion for adventure and love of nature. His photographs reveal a compassionate understanding of his subjects and continuous exploration of various genre of photography; as an international traveling photographer he has captured people, landscapes and cultures from Madagascar, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Morocco, Soudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Bosnia, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Nepal and Tibet, and of course Lebanon, his home country. Through his photography he portrays nature’s beauty despite all human led destructions and actively advocates for the preservation of our natural heritage specially in his homeland Lebanon.Charbel Bouez Visual Communication was created in 2013 and offers astute communication and marketing services to a wide range of corporate, retail and individual clients. The portfolio includes sophisticated corporate profiles, mouth-watering food shots, eye-catching pack -shots and elegant apparel shoots for large retailers. The portfolio also covers the production of time-lapse cinematography, documentaries and commercials for social media and television.
After several exhibitions, the name of Charbel Bouez continues to grow and his photographs can now be found in prestigious galleries.