I try to venture to the most remote corners of Lebanon to document our magnificent landscapes and try to better understand our fauna and flora, and how humans irresponsibly affect it. I have been discovering the most inaccessible spots for years and I keep finding major ecological threats that directly affect our well-being, us, citizens of this country.

I deeply believe that every one of us has to carry the cause for a better country. As a photographer, my mission does not stop at promoting tourism in Lebanon. It saddens me to see that despite our natural potential, the number of tourists is still far away from the international touristic hubs and this why I have been looking for and finding, for years, the most breathtaking spots, trying to tell the world this is a place worth visiting.

During my adventures in search of beauty, I was shocked to witness all the flowing sewers in our rivers, the dramatic quantity of quarries in our mountains, the unbelievable amount of pollutants dropped in our coastlines and the huge number of irresponsible hunters killing thousands and thousands of very rare and protected species… Today, we estimate to have a hundred striped hyenas and five wolves left in the Middle East and the number of eagles and many beneficial birds for nature has dropped dramatically. Our fauna and flora are being ravaged and sadly we are not far of a point of non -return. I chose to raise awareness about the severity of the environmental crisis in our nation. Our natural wonders, the most precious resources we have, are squandering but the government seems to be looking the other way.

I would hope that the photographs I take provoke people to re-think their behavior towards their country’s nature and entice them to act and react to heedless acts of corrupt corporations and neglectful government. They are a message of alert for all to protect and preserve the flora and fauna that survives in our land, as little as it may be, but still beautiful.