In my photographs, I work both on the pursuit of the core image, for its rawness, and on making conscious choices with regards to light and angle in order to communicate a feeling to the viewer. I look to reach beyond the picture’s boundaries and trigger a person’s imagination through my photograph expression; one might say its soul. I strive for my work to be much more than simply capturing a picture.

A “simple” picturesque landscape can communicate so much: loneliness, beauty, the temporariness of life, the unknown. That’s why I think there is a lot of value in a photographer’s work to be displayed in public place, whether in an art space, a restaurant, a home or an office. With this, I can offer an emotional window, a bond, an escape to someone I might never meet. My passion is to share ideas, thoughts, feelings and dreams, and I hope I can share some of it with you.




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