About Charbel Bouez
Charbel Bouez is an up and coming Lebanese artist in contemporary photography and filmmaking in Lebanon and the Middle East.  
In his challenging photography, he incorporates nudes, alone or in groups to bring awareness to the environment and the human essence. His distinctive movies shake emotions and raise the senses.
Born in 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon, Charbel showed interest in visual arts at a young age, which led him to pursue the matter as a specialization. During his studies for his masters at the London College of Communication in 2007, he was sure he had found his calling and career path.
Upon his return to Beirut he established Charbel Bouez Viusal Communication, a “sur mesure" production house for movies, documentaries, and art photography. Through this platform he aims to connect emergent with well-established talents in the production of complex and technical cross discipline projects.
Since then, and despite all the challenges art faces in the middle east, his work continues to spread in popularity as his network grows further. His photography has been showcased in many national and international exhibitions including the prestigious Expo Milano in 2015, where he represented Lebanon. Between 2016 and 2018, he participated in Milano, Luxembourg, and London Art fairs as well as in the Louvre du Caroussel exhibition in Paris. His international tour continues on as the photographer is booked for several upcoming fairs and exhibitions around the world. His work is currently available at various prestigious galleries.
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